To ensure the web site provides you with all the security and peace of mind you need when ordering online, we have taken great care to ensure our web site is as secure as possible.

We guarantee that shopping with us is safe. As far as we are aware, none of our many customers has ever reported to us fraudulent use of their credit or debit cards as a result of shopping at

Online shopping at is secure because...

We have put in place various security procedures to safeguard your personal information, including Secure Server software (SSL 128 bit) to enable encryption of your details. This together with digital server identity technology ensures your details will be transferred across the internet securely. The information sent is encrypted in such a way only we can de-code it.

Our ISP's secure servers are accessible only to authorised personnel. They also use other techniques, including 'Firewalls' to block unauthorised traffic to the servers.

You can tell when the pages are secure because the address in the address bar changes from being http:// to https://. You will also see a padlock symbol or key in the bottom bar of your browser.

Should you still feel unsure about shopping on-line with us please telephone or fax us and we will be pleased to take your order offline.

Bank of Ireland are our bankers and merchant services provider. In order to be accepted to trade over the internet we are required to meet and maintain a strict level of criteria and security. Irish Gourmet has been able to meet all of these requirements.

We are a registered member of the Safebuy Assurance Scheme

Irish Gourmet is a wholly owned subsiduary of Baskets Galore which is approved by the SafeBuy Assurance Scheme

The SafeBuy Assurance Scheme

The SafeBuy Assurance Scheme for web-based retailers is operated by Software Research Ltd.

It is endorsed by TrustUK, the industry self-regulatory body set up by Which? and the Alliance for Electronic Business, supported by the UK Government.

The Scheme, amongst other things, requires web retailers to:

  • Adhere to the terms of the Sale of Goods Act, the EU Distance Selling Regulations and the EU

  • Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications

  • Conform to the Data Protection Act 1998

  • Provide security for the processing of credit card transactions

  • Include physical location and contact details for themselves on their website

  • Display the total price consumers must pay for goods including delivery costs and provide a clear explanation of the delivery procedures

  • Advise the consumer if 'cookies' are required for the processing of data

  • Not use 'spam' for marketing purposes

  • Avoid exploitation of children.

When buying from a SafeBuy member, you can be confident that you'll have a hassle-free online shopping experience.

All members:

  • Clearly show their delivery charges and delivery-inclusive prices

  • Keep your personal information safe and secure

  • Give their full contact details so you can contact them if there's a problem

  • Process your credit card details securely

  • Promise not to use spam for marketing

In the event that there is a problem which you can't resolve directly with the retailer, the free Safebuy Mediation service is there to help.