Battle of the Biscuits

The Battle Of The Biscuits Gift Basket is a classic gift filled with tea time favourites and is always warmly received by all ages. The hardest decision they'll have to make is which biscuits to open first. Which will win the battle?

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  • Holmes Bakery Indulgent Chocolate Shortbread 200g
  • Kilbeggan Bakery Organic Oatmeal Cookies 200g
  • Tregroes Bakery Freshly Baked Toffee Waffles 260g
  • Rhythm 108 Double Choco Hazelnut Tea Biscuits 135g
  • Grahams Bakery All Butter Shortbread 150g
  • Gluten Free Brownie Shot Cookies 120g
  • Qi Organic Golden Earl Grey Teabags (20's)
  • Presented in fabric lined open Wicker Gift Basket
  • Professionally wrapped & decorated in ribbon
  • Gift Card for your message
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